Mad Hatter

This was a really good herbal incense,
thank you for the sample, it was a good
blend, the cut was wonderful, I didn't
find any sticks, it burned really slow and
the aroma was great, reminded me of a
hint of spearmint, the potency was high,
I'd rate this a 9/10 and would love to
have more of this


  1. Mad hatter is great! Please e-mail me at I have a question. Mad hatter is consistant and is cleen with a great "Aroma - Strength" and tste. Potent I have indulged for years and ths still satisfys me so id say even seasoned burners will be impressed. I picked up a 3g of Headsmasher. I wil comment snd review after Indulging! ;) If it is like the same as mad hstter which I enjoy 9/10! These are realistic figures from a veteran or close. Better or less I trust this as I give the Mad Hatter the same rating. Posting soon on the


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