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This incense was different, it had a good blend and cut, but it had its own distinct aroma that i personally didnt care for, the potency was good probably a 7/10, and the aroma a 3/10

Super Kush by Da Scents

Very good incense, blended very well no sticks, good aroma that fills the room with a fruity scent, the potency is great, burns nice and slow, overall i rate this a 9/10


this incense wasnt very good, the blend was alright with a few sticks, the scent was kinda stinky but did fill the room really fast, it wasnt very potent at all, overall id rate the cut a 4/10, the potentcy a 2/10 and the aroma a 2/10

Angry Birds in Space

This is a very good product, cut was great, very good combination of herbs, burns slow, and has a very good aroma, fills tje room quick, very uplifting, overall i give this a 9/10,Product came from, shipping is very fast, and very good prices

Daydream by Grass Roots

This herbal incense was great, the cut was wonderful, no sticks or stems, it left an aroma that filled the house, burned slow and evenly, the scent was nice, distinctive, kind of woodsy,and spicy, it had a very good potency, a little pinch was all that was needed and it lasts awhile to, probably about forty five minutes to an hour, then it was time to burn some more. overall this herbal incense is up there with a couple of my favorite blends. i would definitely recommend this to others, not for the inexperienced. Cut Rating 10/10 Potency Rating 7/10 Aroma Rating 7 or 8/10 toss up it was real good