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M@ry Joy: Warning

the best ive ever had, super potent, i cant explain how good the aroma is, fresh cut with no stems it was well blended, it burns nice and slow, i was so high it felt like i was floating off into the air, id rate this a 9/10

M@ry Joy: Pink Herbal Incense

this is a really good blend, the scent is very strong and smells like strawberry creme, the cut was great with no sticks and a good mix, it burned slow and evenly, very potent and relaxing through out your whole body, id rate this a 8/10

High Time Smoke

this is some of the best herbal incense ive tried its got a very strong smell that fills the room quickly, it burnes evenly, i was kind of disappointed with all the sticks though cut rate a 5/10 and a potency a 8/10