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This is a very good blend even for experienced people, the blend is nice and chopped, usually a stem or two in a gram bag. it burns nice and slow so it lasts awhile. and it has his own distinct aroma i give it a 9 out of 10

Imperial Herbal Potpourri

This blend was really good, the cut as high quality, no sticks or stems, the aroma was great, had the aroma of like a mix of strawberry and blueberry, the aroma filled the room quickly, the blend burned great, it burned slow and evenly, it was potent, made me laugh my ass off for awhile, I'd rate this blend a 8 out of 10 and would recommend it for medium to experienced users

Mad Hatter

This was a really good herbal incense,
thank you for the sample, it was a good
blend, the cut was wonderful, I didn't
find any sticks, it burned really slow and
the aroma was great, reminded me of a
hint of spearmint, the potency was high,
I'd rate this a 9/10 and would love to
have more of this

Wicked aromas