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Express Highs

Express highs gave me the opportunity to do some reviews for them, I appreciate the opportunity, thank you very much, To order some good herbal, either visit these guys at

Atomic Zip

Atomic Zip is some of the best ive tried, no sticks or stems, nice blueberry aroma that fills the room quick, burns nice, evenly and slow. this is a wonderful product takes very little to get the job done, couldnt do a video review wasnt able to was to buzzed off it to do anything one hit quit, i recommend this for the experienced, not for the occasional user, i rate this a 10/10 if u want something good try this, either go to unpaid herbal on facebook and make an order or go to the website and order, Http:// tell them raymatays herb reviews sent you

Mr Kosh

This product was pretty good,good aroma of blueberry, filled the room quickly, the cut was good not really any sticks or stems, only took very little to get the job done I would recommend it for the experienced user not for a first timer, I would rate it a 10/10 altogether unpaid herbal recommended this to me on facebook, a very trustworthy guy when it comes to herbal he knows his shit Http:// tell them raymatays herb reviews sent you that way they know i did a review for them on my website